The client

Founded in 1619 by Edward Alleyn, a theatre owning actor and contemporary of Shakespeare and Malowe, Alleyn’s School is a vibrant, co-educational, independent day school. Their aims chime with our own - promoting ‘curiosity, wonder, creativity and a love of learning’, from a ‘spirit of possibility’.

The Task

To create a new magazine concept to engage with alumni as well as students. ‘The bi-annual digest of ideas, opinion and original thought’’, is intended to showcase writing from the teachers about anything they think is important to their work or personality.

We were asked to develop 2 options. One with the look and feel of a clean academic journal, and the other in more of a classic magazine style. Inspiration from the client included The New Yorker, Guardian G2, The New Scientist and Monocle Magazine.

Ultimately, the brief evolved to deliver a template that sits between the two styles.

What we delivered:

Staying true to the school’s branding throughout, while also creating a distinctive style for the magazine, we used their San Serif font as a masthead, but combined it with a classic Serif for the headlines, dropped capitals and quotes.

We introduced large margins and limited page architecture to deliver a clean visual which lets the authors’ writing and striking imagery sit centre stage.

To create an engaging and consistent photography style, we used images from photography website, Unsplash, but avoided the obvious choices. Instead, we selected more abstract options to create intrigue and interest and draw readers into the articles.

Having delivered an ‘AI and the New Now’ themed first issue for Spring/Summer, we’re looking forward to putting together the Autumn/Winter issue with the Alleyn’s School team.

“We’ve received it! And it looks fabulous, thank you very much. You’ve done a brilliant job on it Andy, well done.”

Melanie Huntley , Head of Marketing & Communications

Alleyn's School