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As an independent division of one of the UK’s top 100 printers, which like Narnia is ’just through a door’ we have and can access unprecedented knowledge about all things print.  We can test theories and designs before committing, ask in-depth questions, check progress, follow your work as it moves through the processes and provides that extra care. Often our approaches and innovations break the rules because we know how far they can go.

When we design it means we can truly offer something that is “Value Engineered”. That makes us unique.

At The Graphic Design House we are always curious and want to share our knowledge. We like to lift the lid on subjects to help our people know more.

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Top 100

Printers in the UK

"I believe in the personal touch when it comes to client relationships and our family business continues to grow based on principles of quality, reliability and value."

Gareth Roberts , Managing Director

Bishops Printers

Bishops Printers offer leading-edge printing capabilities for all your requirements, including brochures, catalogues, magazines and programmes.

Another reason Bishop Printers is one of the leaders in the UK is their capacity to turn around varied and complex print jobs with minimum fuss. This is partly due to the size of their operation – printing over 24 million B2 sheets every month from an 85,000sq ft factory operating 24/7 with highly skilled operators.

Digital Printing

Our Digital Print division is an alternative to analogue print to ensure that we stay ahead for our clients. It provides our clients with more choices, features and flexibility and can deliver highly customised material than more traditional print.

We often propose digital where you might need smaller quantities, have a short turn around requirements or need much higher levels of detail. 

Furthermore digital supports our environmental policy since there is no need for printing plates, we can reduce our remnant materials and in turn our carbon footprint.


Digtial Print Awards 2019

The Mailing People

Sometimes, the right print or paper format becomes the core of an idea, or even an entire campaign.

From personalised letters , to bulk mail, right up to the most challenging of variable data campaigns, we always consult on your behalf with The Mailing People team on every direct marketing campaign.



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