Thoughtful: Skilled: Unexpected

Great design that delivers what you want it to do requires access to a combination of talents, experience and the right attitude. So whether it's strategic thinking, brand work or the creation of any asset, the team at The Graphic Design House offer a myriad of different design skills across online and offline.

We have a wonderful track record of results across sectors to share. Offering real versatility tied up with an approachable style. We pride ourselves in meeting your brief, delivering on time and on budget, but also offering you that something extra, the unexpected that keep our clients coming back for more.

"Thank you so much for your work on this and also your patience! We’re super happy with it and the general feeling in the team is that this is one of the strongest title treatments we’ve had over the past few years."

Vanessa White , Marketing & Press Officer

Watford Palace Theatre

Value Engineered Design

First used in the manufacturing industry in World War 2, we now utilise the same design principles for briefs that come our way. 

Without compromising your brief, we even consider a variety of alternative design solutions, concepts, materials, paper, even environmental factors to provide you with alternative options. Each option will be optimised to be as cost-effective as possible.

Reducing cost

On a branding and repositioning project, we identified that producing regular print material would be an integral part of their marketing and customer service. Because of our process, discussions took place at the initial brand stage, rather than the final print stage.

This meant that rather than just specific Pantone, we included a four-colour option, allowing the client choice. When required, they could use the four-colour option to reduce costs and print turnaround speed, using the Pantone for projects where returns would be higher.

Print smarter

One of our theatre clients wanted to use an unusual 240 x148 programme size but was conscious of cost. We had to find a way to reduce print costs, and not being able to use the usual SRA2 paper efficiently would cause a significant wastage on a 120,000 print run.

Our solution? Buy the bespoke paper size direct from the paper mill – saving our client money, successfully fulfilling reduction in waste, so an environmentally friendly solution as well as size requirements.

"Working together with The Graphic Design House really fulfilled our vision of what the art centre launch will be here in Luton. The designs Mark delivered really hit the core of who we are and how we work."

Emily Finney , Marketing Campaigns Co-ordinator

Luton Culture