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St Wilfrids Hospice, Luton Art Centre, Refined Alloys, Coffin Mew. What do they all have in common?

Each of these clients has experienced our collaborative ways of working, creating outstanding design that truly stands out against their competition and delivers results.

Our Capabilities

We're highly proficient in best practice for a host of different brand elements and in 2019 we were shortlisted by the Design Week award for our Brand work with one of our clients.

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Building brand awareness /

Army Flying Museum

"We started out with just tidying up our existing branding to make some small but significant changes to how we presented the Museum. The work they did at that point impressed us so much though that we then commissioned them to create a new website for us and finally to lead on a full museum rebrand"

Lucy Johnson, Army Flying Museum

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Rebranding Brochureware /


Established in 1965, Trendco is one of the UK's largest suppliers of wigs and hairpieces with a reputation for excellence in the hair loss industry. With a head office in Brighton they supply products across the UK & Ireland as well as through their retail salons in London, Hove, Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester and Nottingham.

With the first design and print of Hi-Fashion, we were able to develop our relationship and build the trust to work with them on all of their fantastic wig brochures!

brochure, catalogue, magazine

"Our customers have commented that the brochures are much more exciting, fashionable and far easier for their clients to browse. Previously they have been quite cluttered and mismatched. All in all, in our field of work, when we are working with a large number of people going through hair loss due to chemotherapy and other treatments, they need things to be as easy and accessible as possible."

Bradley Webber , Sales & Marketing Manager