We see the world is shifting on its 'access' with the Coronavirus. There will be seismic changes and new norms. We wanted to share with you some of the ideas we've had that might help spark others or just help you to survive this period of uncertainty and change.

We are a talented group of like-minded, highly creative, occasionally unconventional, design and branding experts. All under one roof, on the South Coast.

Many of our clients have design projects ‘on hold’ whilst they cope with the fluidity of circumstances. So we wondered, could we help them to use what they’d already created in ways that would help them to stay connected

Nicola Carruthers , Managing Director

The Graphic Design House

It’s important to stay connected

Evidence over many years from the marketing industry shows that staying connected with the people you normally interact with, including existing or potential customers is beneficial in the longer term, retaining saliency. Adapting what you have, using it differently shows you’re thinking of them and they still matter to you.

In this ever-changing situation, it is an absolute joy to work with the dream team at The Graphic Design House! From Graphic Design (illustration) to print Keighley Houlden, Clara Feltham & Ben Carvey, I can’t recommend them enough!

Connor Tobin , Marketing Campaign Manager

Gascoyne Estates

Change the Message

All of our theatre and venue clients are facing the most challenging and upsetting times. Many are in the regions and provide so much more than entertainment. They are often the heart of communities, cities and cultural life. It’s a real privilege for us to work with one such theatre the extraordinary Hull Truck. We wholeheartedly believe in their role as a valuable 'Northern Voice’ for the UK and we enjoy everything we do for them. Their community needs them more than ever. Using their existing designs we created a digital idea using existing artwork, suggesting audiences if they could, turn ticket refunds into a donation.

Hospices, normally open and welcoming to visitors & volunteers are locked down. We suggested to one sending a message about their helpline, with a packet of seeds. Seeds of hope. They loved it.

Andy Sanders , Lead designer and Head of Studio

The Graphic Design House