As our name suggests, we are a talented group of like-minded, highly creative, occasionally unconventional, design and branding experts. All under one roof, on the South Coast.

We craft and create a range of compelling concepts and designs that surprise, delight and generate tangible commercial results for our ever-growing group of clients.

"Many thanks for your fabulous work on this project - Tessa and I both agreed that you are one of the best design agencies we have ever worked with - you gave a lot of thought to AIM and came up with some really fab designs."

Sarah , PR and Communication Manager

Anaphylaxis campaign

Brilliant clients mean brilliant work

Our clients come to us because we work hard. First to understand them, inside and out, and then to weave them intrinsically into our creative processes. The results? Smart, attractive designs that raise smiles and expectations alike.

And we’re always looking for new dynamic individuals and businesses who share our fatigue of seeing the same old same old, and want something else. Something unusual, often unexpected, yet brilliantly effective. So they can stand out to their customers, current and future, and stand up to their competition, no matter how crowded the marketplace.

Sound familiar? If you’ve got an upcoming project, and you’d like a fresh perspective, let’s chat.

“They really ‘got’ the Hall, and our vision for creating unforgettable customer experiences. They made our job of choosing a partner easy and we’re really excited to be working with them”

Lucy Noble , Artistic & Commercial Director

The Royal Albert Hall

Why The Graphic Design House?

The simple version? We understand what makes people sit up, switch on and take notice. And by bringing together a team of fun, energised and inquisitive designers, we have made great design our trademark.

Our client-centric, collaborative approach has produced work that successfully resonates with a host of different audiences, from B2B and football fans to theatre-going families and charities.