Creatively we can help

Whatever you need to do, online or offline creatively we can help. Whether it’s, nurturing existing customers, a direct acquisition campaign, a creative strategy to attract or lift footfall, ideas for a launch or an exhibition and everything in between. Our experience crosses sectors and our results demonstrate we can deliver.

kings school worcester

The King's School Worcester

Attracting more students

An independent school campaign that needed a fresh approach to their Open Mornings campaign and that's when The Graphic Design House got involved.


New Enquiries

Anaphylaxis campaign

Helping build awareness and knowledge in schools, colleges, the food industry, among health professionals and other key audiences.


Increase in the number of GPs purchasing ClinTalk

Anaphylaxis campaign, awareness, mobile, brochure, flyer

Hull Truck Theatre

Increasing box office sales

Filling theatres is essential and Hull Truck Theatre was no exception. Working with them we translated their creative into something that would emotionally engage their audience, work across multiple channels and stimulate people to come and see for the first time.


Of ticket-buyers were first-time bookers

Hull Truck Theatre, campaign, digital, print