The summer term is usually filled with a myriad of emotions for those students leaving often a mixture of excitement, relief and possibly nervousness. This year will be different for most.

Mathew Armstrong in his last Headmaster’s address to students, staff and pupils of The King’s School Worcester likened it to the school ‘removing the scaffolding’ for the leavers. The building was watertight but it was far from finished that was now their job.

Many schools produce yearbooks or newsletters which are distributed to both students and alumni that capture the year that was, that final year. We still believe amongst the turmoil of these times they have a place.

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"We are so pleased with the look of this Scrib, both covers and inside - the Indigo treatment was immediately noticeable on the colours on the inside pages and the covers look fantastic - great job!"

Lise Faccinello , Marketing

Alleyn's School