Celebrating 50 years

Hull Truck Theatre is a pioneering theatre with a unique Northern Voice, locally rooted, global in outlook, inspiring artists, audiences, and communities to reach their greatest potential.

The Task

In 2022 Hull Theatre celebrated a landmark 50th year anniversary since the company was formed. Due to the impact of the pandemic, they asked us to support them a public fundraising campaign for the Future 50.

What we delivered:

We created a campaign which had a youthful, celebratory feel that lifted the spirit of its target audience. The design was developed to  work as a campaign on its own. But also had the flexibility that it could also be incorporated into show artwork and used alongside visuals for other projects produced by partner organisations.

We created brand guidelines for the sub brand and then created a large toolbox of assets for them from brochures and posters to social assets in all sizes.

Here's to the next 50 years