Making a difference to local lives

St Wilfrid’s Hospice has been part of people’s lives across West Sussex for 30 years. They are a complex organisation with multiple threads reaching into different parts of the community. The charity has numerous messages to reach a variety of audiences.

Our Work

Our extensive research of these audiences, as well as gathering information via a branding workshop with St Wilfrid’s stakeholders.

This research detailed the unexpected, key aspects of St Wilfrid’s brand identity; who they are and why they exist. Words matter for hospices, where discussions around death and dying can be difficult. Yet hospices are often surprising: full of laughter and living. 

"We wanted a strong brand, with a style guide which could easily be used in-house. Together with TGDH, we went right back to basics, agreeing who we're talking to and what we're saying. TGDH then took these findings and produced a fantastic style guide featuring a new look and feel that goes beyond just a logo and font style, but which really stands out in the very competitive third sector.”

Communications Officer

St Wilfrids Hospice

Campaign results

Through this approach and using the research as the foundation for core messaging we created huge resource of standout designs for the internal team enabling them to create their own communications which were more effective and simplified:

  • Identified how and where to communicate
  • Simplified and amplified visual messaging
  • Created a Brand brief on a page
  • Designed a unique illustration style
  • Created a brand strapline: ‘Making a difference to local lives’.
  • Newsletter design
  • Leaflet design
  • Brochure design

All contributing to the overall mix. Their new brand has unified a large and complex organisation, making the work and impact of St Wilfrid’s highly visible in the local area, through 13 fund-raising shops, delivery vans and at a variety of community and partner events.

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