The story of British Army Flying lives here

We appreciate the importance of what a rebrand will have for a museum and during 2018 the Army Flying Museum kicked off their fundraising project for a new development programme known as Project Eagle.

A project on this scale can only be undertaken with the support of considerable additional support and funding from The Heritage Lottery Fund.

Project Eagle represented a step-change in the museum’s history creating greater accessibility, wider community connections, establishing STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) sessions and was nothing short of organisational transformation.

The rebrand needed to strongly communicate that this represents a NEW era in the museum’s story.


Positive Customer Survey feedback since opening

“The rebranding process has been a delight. The TGDH team were genuinely as excited as we were about developing the Museum’s identity and they really took on board all the comments And feedback throughout the process to deliver a brand that we are really proud of.”

Lucy Johnson , Chief Executive

Army Flying Museum

Revolution not evolution

Building on the museums stated mission, 'we wanted to create a more outward-facing 'big idea' which strongly communicated the contemporary relevance of the museum’s collections and speaks to the growing community.


Increase on visitors from 2018